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Fueled by a desire to serve as agents of positive societal change, a group of expert public speakers and debate enthusiasts, led by Germaine Barrett, formed a national umbrella organisation for the advancement of debating, public speaking and critical thinking in Jamaica. This Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) came into being in 2014 as the Jamaican Association for Debating and Empowerment (JADE) Limited or JADE for short.


Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

    • Michael Hester (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
    • Germaine Barrett (Founder and Executive Director)
    • Jevon Henry (Director)
    • Dr. Rohan Lewis (Director)
    • Kimberley Brown (Director)
    • Ivan Godfrey (Director)

Senior Managers

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Senior Managers

  • Germaine Barrett (Founder and Executive Director)
  • Natalia Burton(Communications and Technology Manager)
  • Curtis Wallace(Programmes Manager)
  • Rushana Jarrett (Wellness Manager)
  • Ravonne Thomas-Matthews (Special Projects Manager)
  • Trishana Thomas-Matthews (Financial Manager)

Assistant Managers

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Programmes Department

  • Dr. Julian Walters (Deputy Programmes Manager (Tertiary))
  • Shantel Hughes (General  Assistant , Progammes )
  • Iyanna Billings (Public Relation Assistant )

Communications and Technology Department

  • Malik Fenton (Technology Assistant 2)
  • Rolando Alberts (Technology Assistant 3)
  • Khi Lewis (Technology Assistant 3)

Finance Department

  • Rueyella Blake(Marketing Assistant)
  • Trishana Allen (Financial Assistant 1)

Special Projects Unit

  • Dr. Kenesha Nelson (Special Projects Assistant 1)
  • Najani Stewart (Special Projects Assistant 2)

Ravonne Matthews is a Senior Manager of JADE

Ravonne Thomas-Matthews is the SPM of JADE